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by D-Real [愛] & Mittensさん

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Once again this is not an official tape. This is just a collection of all of me and mittens songs on my soundcloud. I've been asked a couple times to group our songs together to be downloaded so here it is. Me and Mittensさん official tapes / Ep's will be released sometime this year so look out for that. Thank you guys so much for your support. Peace and much love to all <3 .

Art by my homie AEKA:


released May 18, 2017

Thanks to all my supporters and participates in this collection <3

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Allen Thomas ( )
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D-Real [愛] Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Nerd Won't Stop (Prod. Mittensさん )

chopping it with mittens joking bout his name it's so fly, mittens cause he whipping

don't you get it boi that stoves hot, now let this be a lesson, professing he handling that heat in his possession

ooh What you cooking what you cooking scalding hot beats, best blow it before it's tooken

oh i know you looking true im mildly taken with this beat im elated man im really trying to date it

whats her number trying to call out wonder bout my team (what) shawty dont get logged out

made by Bethesda the only way we fall out , morocco you a mole finda another hole to crawl out

aye im secret squirrel with them vicky's girl lace is the case then uhh i think you stripping girl

Damn im sounding cliche right well im flame off brain im the pk type come and rest in my nest (ness) ima bat that night

metaphor girl you gone get that pipe whoa wrong song im thinking bout bon bon chicka wow wow the calling of my slong

the snapping of her thong, the rapping of this song should tell you this boi's gifted giving you my own

soul hey now whats better than that
Track Name: Go! Mugi! Mugi! (Prod. Mittensさん )
Can we go to the movie movies all my fans screaming go mugi mugi

We can catch a flick or maybe make a movie oh that's to soon tell my manners sue me

try to behave, but no one contest your lovely face girl your brows are the best

i browse on the net on how we can mesh there is you then there is the rest

friends told me to be wary your a fruity pirate girl you stealing berries

I don't mean to brag but I've popped some cherries oops i funked up maybe we should bury that statement

heard you played keys she say lately it's been taking a tole on her prior dating

Well i hope there's no prior mating , she says no but i shouldn't pry too much

insides shouldn't cry to much, embarrassed that i even said that, she say maybe i should relax

just wanted things to be truly sugoi after school lets have tea time

yeah my jokes lame got you weak dying im just trying to say can you be mines

yes go mugi mugi she my top girl where your top girl

yes go mugi mugi she my top grill baby you hot
Track Name: Ms Fujiko [Mittensさん Remix]
i gotta go to work by 12 but lately i've been woke buy sounds of those shells

Ring ga ding ding to no fail everybody got a piece but ain't rocking no bells

nana i turn my telly on hit foot on the telephone man im still confused by the plot of evangaleon

ocean on the skype aye ask him which gale he on he say number 2 big booty and she fairly blond

bombshell beauty with nine tails foxy ass lady with make up and nine mill

a meter smoking that chiba pockets on low can you get em on fleeka

he say his girl no the way trick and trades from the days of shaking movers for weight

now wait she say she'll have you strait in a week she even promise 4 or 5 freaks (5 freaks nigga)

proceed to give a high five (and you know it) bump g shit in my ride (playa playa)

ain't kill no killing my vibe d-real and ocean surfing the curves check those tides

eldarado coasting grabbing are juevos talking like anybody we run to they better lay lo

The police can get a halo time is bout 12 turtles in the coup please load up those shell's

deja vu practicing what i preach not today so it seems im greedy we gotta eat

ha irony creeps kick the door as we sneak, hear the sound of a beep

are those sirens my g oh know i can't be locked in a bind bondage is not my fav in my personal time

checkmate we been played need her name do you mind uh i think her name was fujikjo mine
Track Name: Always You (prod. By Mittensさん)
They like man it's always you they so obsessed with they duty so i call them pooh

need a light skin cutey to entice or rouse she put it all on a plate can i bite on you

ohhhhhh im so besides myself that i might see double need to find my shelf

to stuff my wealth im talking waifu's on tilts green short kilts

oppai want that milk

i got them titties on my mind guess im racking brains

interest on them thighs where the stock exchange

investing in thigh highs fish nets knee socks i love scanty strings

whether 2d or 3d i love my diva/(D'Va) nerf this is worthless to calm my fever

Asuka Ayanami enjoy this Eve/(eva) all of your endings i don't like either
Track Name: D-Real [愛] x Mittensさん x Alys - It's Your Day

Raise your glass today

is this a cabaret

Regardless here today

lets congratulate you

Hail to the young and restless pardon i have to say

Ya'll looking mighty laid who got some ass today

oh gosh i know im vulgar lets curse the night away

I spot a cutie pie with those bewitching eyes

Sweep her off her feet i'll be the broom between her thighs

This not the time for cheeks im such a douche it's no surprise

I mean had to try unless shes down to go

im trying to flirt the party goers trying to snatch me like hold up

Are you a rapper well im not any scrub

You want some bars today well this not any pub

So gone an order drinks You want a rhyme or lime

They like excuse me sir i had to find the time

to say you mighty gifted there no saint nick in here

the way they raving on me think an elf or dear in here

Heard you and mittens called the sad boi crew

funny all i do is smile when my tunes have you

best duo when ya'll flourish hope you always cool

and remember what you said man it's always you

don't worry about the hate cause your always true

to yourself and cherish us man i always knew

been here since drum & bass and your renai circulation

to the sounds of akari and the mugi compilation

to the Mega mix throwbacks or kanji on your pages

till the nerd wasn't stopping before TenColle was the place you called home

damn you shot us in the heart may your day be filled with merry

and this song convey our thoughts hey

thats why im happy to say it's your day

outro (Me & Alys )
im happy here to say im happy here to say it's your day

im happy here to say im happy here to say it's your day

im happy here to say im happy here to say it's your day

im happy here to say im happy here to say it's your day
Track Name: Love Complex II (Prod. By athena & Mittensさん)
Wasting days yelling in raids mmo pay to plays

harde har to all of my baes stuck in the beta phase

Stop the kiddy games come now lets get serious

A young cat followed the yarn and got curious

she pulling my strings the typical flings

to planning futures again lead up marital names

wifey just want to life me but hubby just want her nightly

covered in shiny armor i wonder when did she knight me

Didn't think we would ever change

now we covered in rain

you said i stormed in ya life

oh now im stealing ya thunder

been through two hot summers and i hate you nights

to the put you out bummers and the breakthrough fights

where we both get mad make love till light

wake up in the morning like we knew life

We both do wrong but claim we right

same old song but sing this like

Baby girl think im giving up

i don't value our bond you can leave the cuffs

Feel the phlegm building up yeah im sick of love

outro (Me & @allenedwardthomas )
No more daps today

Definition of a Dap : The Dap includes simple to very intricate series of rhythmic hand slaps, clasps, hand and arm gestures exchanged between two persons as a sign of personal greeting, respect and group solidarity.
Track Name: Notice Me (Prod. by Mittensさん)
D-Real [愛] verse
You warm me with your love at times i act the coldest

your begging me to notice no i should really note this

your oppai is an opus at night i want to grope it

you say thats all i wanna do im tired of your provoking

Sorry i can't feel your sexy body jokes

See today i fit your whole melancholy trope

Say hooray lets celebrate the fact that im sad too

want an explanation for my bitching i'll be glad to

notice me do i really have to call you senpai

and if we're talking zones do you want to be that friend guy

i think not so listen up think knots and gift it up

talking about your love ooo the past times remember the

plushy for my birthday im digging Inuyasha

bought a waifu for your car know you really like itasha

I carry half your burdens so this weight can never strain you

work this messy job an hope this food will never stain you

thats nasty why they have to be sassy

like skank just give me your order and maybe your man won't ask me

to bring him another water just to stare at my ass cheeks

i swear to god i been harassed like every damn week

Jay Verse
I do this for you

can we make it through

baby let me do what i do for you