Through The Ages // Vol. 1

by D-Real [愛]

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Omar Carreno every track from here and now is a total classic. a must have in your collection also dont sleep on this artist. he got that hook.
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This is not an official tape. This is just a collection of my songs from my soundcloud. The order is new to old. Much thanks to the fan that inspired me to do this. He said he'd rather download all my tracks at once so here you guys go, lol. Peace and much love to all.

Art by :


released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


D-Real [愛] Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Coast Ghost (Prod. By [ocean jams] )
best fuck around with a round get a round with me you'll think merry go met a bullet round and round you'll see

your head will follow getting sleepy from hollows beware the dullahan with a gun spinning will follow

vocal vortex this storm could severe your cortex goldberg you fearing the spear well nigga your next

rhyming javelin piercing lyrcis your abdomen surely their lacking guts but boi you never had em in

the first place in seconds your life could flee you see it's your race now how should i relay you in need of a D.A(Defense Attorney )

press offense on my bench i present you the Grinch you hate the bond of my team see clearly you lack the gifts

to give you'd rather live a myth oh what a tale dream you titan you fail guess Zues's sperm took an L oh well

you be the judge with a grudge trash your self feel the sludge that comes out your own bowels

drown in your own shit throw in ya torn towel fuck it lets get real why you hating d-real

mad cause you sucky sucky i see you fashion these hoes living life on your knees had all intention to blow

just for show see i try to tell em they cerebellum ms belum you'll never see ahead hating every fucker with bread

fans trends your bread to think everything popular is just a gimmick

(right always that excuse)

well i gotta question what if they do what they love what if turning the club up is release from the buzz

from everyday life, what if pianist play for their plight is overbearing their sight so they key the notes of their life

in hope that you hear the light surely the sound is bright it holds darkness an woes exposing souls see the glow

in their eyes connecting with lives rewarding their strides what if the rap of anime could teach you to fly strengthen your ties learn morals of bonds

an arise a better person what if the rock you play help with rocky days, what if pop you mock puts a smile on a frowny face

so many way just to say shut the fuck up hypocrites are in action you want them all on your nutz then hate when others get action

really that's the reaction i see in the sea of rap, when i seize it you'll have seizure you shaken up don't believe it

reputation proceeds you D-Real whats the procedure operate at my leisure move by on my own vowels

swear by my own power enjoy the spoils of the world i treasure my own hours

means time for my team Foot ocean and foe salika i think you know we climbing now thats a go

green litted go get it Olympus is only bordered by physics i plan to pillage

Pandora's quarters in order to sear it conquer the mystic i can turn any evil to glisten

follow my visage,
Track Name: Future Fuck Interlude (Prod. by ConsciousThoughts)
she was a bespectacled beauty a malevolent cutie glasses on bad girl how did things turn so unruly

now i want susie to screw me pm all of her nudies while you taking a shit you should look at your duty

said you'd love and pursue and now you just chasing my booty bf number 2 me hoe pencil down all of your groupies

got they dream girl they mad come and hear they bae catch my blade girl i had to let it rip

now don't wanna flex but my D is the best

boi thats a stretch im like girl it's a shrek

roam in yo caves can rest in your nest

talking this mess cause im stressed

pass me the liquor

drunk 2 bottles i don't think im drunk enough know that there's snakes around me i don't fear a cobra clutch

make like the legs of a slut baby loosen up call you a bitch and i ain't talking puppy love

I think im fucking up (smh i really was, lol)
Track Name: Me & My Forever (Prod. ConsciousThoughts)
girl I put all of my thoughts(lol) in this well not really see that your quite giddy

heard you like bikes well come and pop wheelies like my willies wet i know im quite silly

lets leap into love like frogs on those lily pads im no dad papa is my nicki

name to this dame she claims its quite fitting if the shoe fits i guess waltz disney

girl got the jungle fever type a weather you can be my jane tarzan i'll be ya fella girl

i don't need the sky to tell us we so fly guess we bird of a feather

ex steady bugging well i'll bring repellent oh he stuck in the past those are flaws of a relic

hit it one time oh god she professes boi ya dick must be filled with all psychedelics

ha thats dope now thats a rare quote i practice my stroke in hopes i stay float

you'd think that im shulk cause girl im really feeling it skins an exhibition and girl you are revealing it

ha i like to tease but lil shawty is not a wimp kitty cat with a rope baby girl have you pussy whipped dang

i bet they two type of jealous love times infinity you my forever
Track Name: Eda : Nun With A Bad Habit (Prod. datfootdive)
nun with a bad habit addicted to gat blasting she's ready to ram sack it

she screaming out dag nabbat, damn rabbit tricks are for kids give up them damn carrot's,

for those fruity pebble's she bam bam smashing

nun of the streets she practicing what she preach lord told her to keep the peace so bullets is what you see no no

don't be an assmatic i know its soft but you'll lose your hand if you dare grab it

beautiful blonde bombshell dropping them bombshell Hindu god when cutey palms just know she armed well

touch her cross she'll cross you out this not a tall tale less you talking bout moving weight the size of large whales

aw hell ms Pillsbury is kicking Doors (dough) for a fee she'll fire(fi) her foes(fo) you missing toes

ha ha that giant(get it, lol) ghost pulled the oven your toast best turn into a believer

no need of a Ebenezer to give you sermons of nina(the tool) have you met her

eda nun with narcotics drug pushing prophet, theirs no holy ghost just angel dust sniff it your wings will grow

toe to toe with anybody trying to go blow to blow, she know you slow you thinking fist she talking nose to nose

metaphor she'll trample any lurking competitor slice the wrist of a senator campaigning deadly sport

playing against her politics leave a pile of ticked off people who crash into poles no no don't mess with ms (eda)

not a joke tell by her features attire a cross & robe prey on your teacher, lessons about a globe,

the world of snow is surely cold shoulda worn a coat now your surely froze now

please don't try to levy her got a partner name revy bruh nickname is two hands steady cocking an revving up known to bust with two cans (Toucan)

trashing sam get your feathers plucked bird or fruit you'll looped together she dunking with two barettas

no jamming when they hooped together bloodied home for studded stones, best choose a new vendetta

Don't mess with cita you dare deceive her you'll catch a fever heat to dome you've never known just know her name is eda
Track Name: Coast Feels (Prod. By [ocean jams] )
see i got my volume barely on watching me some sketchy porn get bored hit datfoot up say he watching evangaleon

symbolism in the ending got us lookin like what the fuck is this i do not know

see i cant sang but i can hum parapapum i want that drum up on my gun so when i shoot for my dreams i cannot miss

im scared if somehow my bullet don't reach i think i'll need a kiss i want seduction

want her thighs i want her breast i want her feet i want her bum i want all that slimy mucus salivating on her tongue

near my pelvis make me feel like a king make me Elvis for one night of sinful bliss

and i'll enjoy it you don't like me well good riddance oh im pussy are kidden see you doggy oh you bitches

are always in the heat of the moment wont condone it so i wont mince my words you can all eat a dick

go head and suck it hope you choke i hope croak i hope you burn when your ashes in the urn i'll piss on it till it's orange

and if not, i'll throw them in the ocean see im going through the motions realization is such a bitch




Track Name: FootDive Groove (datfootdive Remix)
(I'm really saying footdive jump, lol)

... I said datfootdive jump datfootdive groove datfootdive jump kick in the mood

hey now this the coast to the crew dat foot dive groove

if the footdive jump it be kicking in to you

bass snares beware your fate surely smeared when pen ink's i flare

my page surely airs ember it be cold look for December polar shifts if i tempt to

change the climate with rhyming it all depends on my temper is this babble or babel all depends on the temple

tower with speech making a name it's more than simple, never mind but i mine dig holes

to find my mind is just a mine a bomb ready to blow should i find the time or line to let you know

words are not for show, display the most funk you'll ever know or see ha now sniff these melodies

a mood full of swings can't punch my heavenly frame is not humane mc's a better steeze

....I said datfootdive jump datfootdive groove datfootdive jump kick in the mood x repeat
Track Name: Smoking & Ocean (prod. [ocean jams] )
in the streets they yelling peace peace deuce deuce meaning see you later catch a shot from this 2 2

not ballerina's but cracking nuts are theme of ballets in the hood but on to better arena's

hip hops gladiator roaming amphitheater's am i the next Spartacus or the shell of a savior

truly this you should savor taste the rhymes that i bake up swoon a room with a tune never mind why she caked up

not wasting words enough trash on your player audio reaks of shit illustration feces the make up

of every word that they think up, hater hater im player shaken up every pussy, but you don't see a vibrator

less you talking bout subs in the trunk cranking the bass up base in my voice I'm sonically dope come see the heir

the funkadactic future funker vapor rocking slayer the jazzy swinging lo fi ringng trapping snapping tailor

fitting for any beat that choose to nit for a player i can wear conscious ignorance each attire has flare

for now it's just me and ocean scoping honey's to to pry bear in mind we call em bird cause they look to soar to the sky

but unzipping my jeans is the only way that she fly truth hurts I sigh, believe hearts can tie together knots to better

to dark to follow bring sun to clear thank the modern day Apollo
Track Name: Minor Problems (Prod. datfootdive)
"Now let me introduce you to this modern day Adonis, to the ladies he's the fondest

Always fondle his pajamas bragging about his anaconda be slithering in her garden

Grass could be low or tall no matter he's mowed me all

London Bridge he made her in love with his southern drawl

From French kisses to his misses, just add to his digits

Entrepreneur investing in new diners, he's tired of his old dishes he needs him some new china dolls

Pause for applause he swindled up in their draws, he claims a double header your such a two timer

Spit game hella vicious remind you of shoe shiners, rhetoric so polished I think I need new grammar

For these new mama jama's claiming I’m to mannered, my partner tell me don't worry

He got us a new plan ah, check ya time cause you snooze you lose

gotta be the rock to these roody poo's you know an electrifying cat what a jolteon

See I marvel at the player pizazz he showing, cause lately his morals drifting to place unknowingly (im just worried for him word up)

He was suited for the attraction tailored to your infatuations , happy belated it's clear to see you elated

To see me up in ya place and I know that you been gazing, your oh so dreamy boy well girl keep dream chasing

I know it may seem blatant, but baby girl please face it, you need some esteemed caking, your sweet tooth been aching

My dear Ciara your head deserves a tiara, my mighty queen of the night, tuxedo mask coming here to

Take you onto huh the town of tinsel, no # 2 pencil come test my utensil,

My partner hit me up told me everything went well, oh yeah she 15 that’s just a minor detail"
Track Name: Dear Atsuko (Prod. datfootdive)
"Brown sugar, Nubian queen, ebony goddess, girl you the hottest,

to you bodacious hips to you pretty blond puff, you ain't gotta glare at me girl look i know your tough

proud, bold, and seductive enough to have any man hot by your touch oh

My dear Atsuko, I'm sure you ain't seen flames like this since prince Zuko,

spark to yo lighter let me compliment yo fire, with your blue collar attire all i require is you

ironic you got a badge cause girl I'm copping feelings, but somehow you really don't give me that copper feeling

I'm just hoping somehow this cop a feel in the hole in my heart i was cuffed from the start

had me locked in yo gaze, flustered amazed for the look on your face had my heart in a race oh

who'd ever thought I'd fall in love with 5, 0 get with me I'll have you saying more than 5 oh's

oh me, oh my, oh gee, oh gosh, oh d, oh god and to all those fakes au revoir

goodbye to past, last name Jackson girl i know your bad, honestly i had thoughts of pinching yo ass,
ah shit sorry i know I'm vulgar, attracted to rumps girl its in my culture,

oops i meant nature damn girl you playa, giving game from the waist up

body language enticing, can't really think girl, um lets talk about day to day girl

you say Mickicko is bad for your health, always funking up ya life girl she such a stinker

she gets around town damn she's such a swinger always being a jerk damn she such a wanker

well ya looks like a one two punch your such a dinger, knockout beauty hoping one day that you call out to me

like lets go boogie,know no need in you playing hooky, come get a piece of this cookie,

i know that you want this nookie, now show me you not a rookie oh

Umm look I'm sorry jambo please don't go rambo girl you know i ramble

I'm just a vandal, who's looking for love, so I'm giving you chase

a slap to the face and a kiss on the cheek

she whispers to me ima give you what you asking for, no question grab my bag and go

once again so my fans ah know

I Introduce, my dear Atsuko"